Friday, February 18, 2011

Kinda Good News

Finally, got the call back from the doctor come to find out I am NOT Insulin Resistant, but I do have only one ovary they are calling poly cystic due to I have more than one cyst on it. Also, they said that my Husband had to retest they believe its because he only went 2 days without sexual intercourse so they want him to wait 5 days to see it his sperm starts to get more normal shapes than what it had in the sample but the count she said was normal : ) yay now I feel a lot better so it has to be the weight I assume, but then again who knows? but hopefully that is truly all it is I pray.



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This blog is about Me going through being young & a newly wed starting 3.22.10, having trouble concieveing & being told that I have PCO along with a Tilted Uterus. I Pray that God will bless Me & My Husband with a child soon.

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